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Into the Cloudy, Galactic Unknown

07 Jun 2024 under Features

Prateek Sharma’s lab seeks to understand the intricacies of the diffuse yet massive atmosphere that envelops galaxies Galaxies, both near and far, far away, are not just isolated islands of stars. They are surrounded by a massive veil of diffuse gas and matter known as the circumgalactic medium (CGM) or Galactic Atmosphere. Prateek Sharma, a […]

Tracking the Virus Behind India’s Lumpy Skin Cattle Crisis

03 May 2024 under Focus

In May 2022, cattle across India began dying of a mysterious illness. Since then, about 1,00,000 cows have lost their lives to a devastating outbreak of what scientists have identified as lumpy skin disease. The outbreak has severely affected India’s agricultural sector, leading to staggering economic losses. “It was a calamity in some ways … a national emergency,” says […]

Illuminating Life with a Sheet of Light

29 Mar 2024 under Highlights

Flow cytometry and microscopy are techniques routinely used in cell biology. While flow cytometry enables us to measure various biophysical parameters in cells (such as size, morphology, and internal complexity), microscopy allows us to capture high-resolution images of individual cells and the various organelles inside them. Imaging flow cytometry (IFC) is an exciting new technique […]