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Designing Antennas for 6G V2X Communication

18 May 2023 under Focus

Researchers at IISc are working on designing antennas that can empower 6G technology, which is instrumental in realising efficient V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communications. In a recent study, the team, led by Debdeep Sarkar, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, shows how self-interference in full-duplex communication antennas can be reduced, and consequently the […]

Tissues From Printers

05 Apr 2023 under Features

New facilities at IISc open up exciting new possibilities in biology and medicine   Imagine being able to print fabrics, toys, or even building materials. The idea is not so far-fetched with the advent of 3D printing. Now, imagine being able to print a heart, a lung, eyes and other organs too. This is also fast […]

Using Electrical Stimulation for Accelerating Bone Regeneration

04 Jan 2023 under Highlights

Got a broken bone? Want to reduce the hassle of wearing a plaster for months? Researchers at IISc have successfully used electric stimulation to grow bone cells in a culture plate much faster than conventional techniques. In the future, the technology can be used to manufacture implants that can effectively integrate with our bones and […]