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Decentralised Treatment and Recycling of Greywater

05 Jan 2021 under Focus

System installed in a remote Karnataka village school has helped reuse large amounts of greywater Researchers at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) have developed an efficient decentralised wastewater treatment and recycling system at a primary school in the remote village of Berambadi in Karnataka. A new study shows how the system has, over the […]

Has Urbanisation Led to Increased Precipitation in Cities?

01 Oct 2020 under Highlights

Increased population in urban areas has led to a rise in the number of unplanned cities, and an increased vulnerability to extreme weather events. Examining historical patterns in precipitation and temperature can help predict future climate change, and develop strategies to tackle natural disasters. Researchers from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research at IISc and […]

What a Worm Can Teach Us About How Animals Move

01 Sep 2020 under Features

Kavita Babu’s lab is investigating the molecular mechanisms that underpin animal movement Before her passing, Veronica Rodrigues, one of India’s most well-known neurobiologists, mentored dozens of students — not just her own but also several undergraduate students from around the country who spent their summers in her lab at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research […]

Assessing Barriers in Bacterial Membranes

01 Sep 2020 under Highlights

Researchers from the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Physics, along with Unilever R&D, have developed improved laboratory and computer models to understand how antibacterial compounds can penetrate bacterial membranes. In one study, using lipid mobility as a marker for entrance of thymol – an antibacterial molecule used in personal hygiene products – the group revealed […]