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Quintessentially Quantum

05 Apr 2023 under Features

Kausik Majumdar’s lab taps into atomically smooth interfaces for developing devices to realise the promise of quantum technologies Even before pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kausik Majumdar knew he had a penchant for research. But his path to becoming a faculty member weaved through both industry and academia. After completing a […]

The Resilience of Blackbucks

10 Jan 2023 under Focus

A new study from IISc sheds light on how blackbucks in India have fared in the face of natural and human-induced challenges to their survival. The work, among the first of its kind in its scope, involved analysing the genetic profiles of blackbucks found across the country. Increased human activities like indiscriminate cutting of trees […]

Harnessing AI and Raman spectroscopy to Identify Disease-causing Bacteria

23 Dec 2022 under Highlights

Rapidly identifying the causative bacterium can help clinicians treat and manage the symptoms of infectious diseases more efficiently. Current gold-standard tests are either time-consuming – like culture tests – or work only for a specific type of sample – nucleic acid amplification-based methods are time-intensive and involve bacterial lysing. For several years, researchers from IISc, led […]