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ML for Designing Next-gen Nuclear Materials

03 Nov 2023 under Highlights

Advanced nuclear reactors offer enhanced efficiency and safety compared to the long-standing conventional reactors in use. This is achieved by changing either the type or the rate of nuclear reactions within the reactor core. However, these changes can lead to increased radiation exposure for core materials, like austenitic stainless steels, which were not originally designed […]

Building Unbreakable Codes

15 Sep 2023 under Features

Bhavana Kanukurthi’s lab works on developing protocols that allow secure exchange of online data  Gone are the days when carrying around cash was the norm. In recent years, UPI has become an integral part of our lives. From buying tea and snacks to paying bills or transferring money to someone’s bank account, UPI is the […]

Super Flexible Composite Semiconductors for Next-gen Printed Displays

12 Jul 2023 under Focus

Scientists at IISc have developed a super flexible, composite semiconductor material that can have possible applications in next-generation flexible or curved displays, foldable phones and wearable electronics.    Traditional semiconductor devices – such as transistors, the building blocks of most electronic circuits – used in display industries are either made of amorphous silicon or amorphous oxides, […]

Using Machine Learning to Improve CNC Machining

18 May 2023 under Highlights

Machining has been used for hundreds of years to cut materials to desired shapes and sizes in order to make products ranging from small electronic circuit boards to huge engine components. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining employs computers to control the process and increase efficiency. CNC machining requires certain input parameters from human operators – […]