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Cartilage Repair Using High-strength Hydrogels

14 Sep 2021 under Highlights

Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that acts as a shock absorber and deters abrasion between bones. Although it is usually tough and flexible, injuries, hormonal abnormalities or diseases can cause damage and make it hard for the cartilage to heal. Recent advances are focused on using polymers called hydrogels to replace injured or […]

Differences in Snake Venom Composition Raise Questions About Treatment

26 May 2021 under Focus

In India, snakebites kill around 58,000 people annually and disable many more, and a majority of these snakebites are attributed to the ‘big four’ – the Russell’s viper (one of the deadliest snake species in the world), the spectacled cobra, the common krait and the saw-scaled viper. Its treatment involves the administration of commercial antivenom. […]

Biology Through an Engineer’s Eye

09 Mar 2021 under Features

Rahul Roy’s lab aims to engineer novel solutions for biological problems Nine years ago, when Rahul Roy was applying to IISc for a faculty position, he gave presentations at several departments, because he wasn’t sure where he would fit in best. Although he was interested in both engineering and science, he didn’t foresee working in […]

Nanofiber Platform to Study Muscle Disorders

09 Mar 2021 under Highlights

Skeletal muscles are formed by the fusion of parent muscle cells called myoblasts. These muscles are usually tethered to the bones by tendons. Skeletal muscle disorders accompany loss in muscle fibers, which often causes difficulty in movement, pain, and stiffness upon stress and aging. Despite extensive research in the lab, current treatments for such disorders […]