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How Rock Agamas Choose Their Snoozing Spots

25 Apr 2022 under Focus

Sleep is fundamental for all animals; when an animal sleeps, the brain sorts and categorises memories, and restores its energy. Urban habitats like cities, however, can hamper an animal’s sleep quality and patterns due to higher temperatures, the presence of artificial structures like walls and buildings built by humans, and artificial light at night. To […]

Indium Selenide-Based Transistor as an Artificial Neuronal Synapse

04 Mar 2022 under Highlights

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) – a system of interconnected electric circuits or algorithms that communicate with one another just like the neurons in our brain – are gaining popularity for their ability to perform complex tasks, especially in pattern recognition. However, existing devices that mimic neurons and synapses – the junctions between two interacting neurons […]

Blood-based Biomarkers for Brain Tumours

04 Mar 2022 under Focus

Potential blood-based biomarkers to predict disease progression and survival times in those with late-stage brain tumours have been identified by a team of researchers from IISc, the Mazumdar Shaw Centre for Translational Research and Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation. The team analysed tumour and blood samples from individuals with gliomas – tumours that occur in the […]

Resisting Resistance

15 Nov 2021 under Features

Faced with the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, researchers at IISc and elsewhere are in pursuit of alternative strategies In the early 1940s, as World War II ravaged several parts of the globe, great uncertainty and a sense of doom loomed large over the soldiers and their families. Even a tiny splinter on the battlefield […]