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Treading a Venomous Trail

02 Nov 2023 under Features

Kartik Sunagar’s lab seeks to understand and improve treatments for snakebite  On a cold night in 2022, Kartik Sunagar and his team were in the Thar Desert, looking for a Sind krait, one of the most toxic snakes in the country.  “We were looking for it in the middle of the night, with no one […]

Hybrid Nanoparticles Target Cancer Cells

15 Sep 2023 under Focus

Scientists at IISc have developed a new approach to potentially detect and kill cancer cells, especially those which form a solid tumour mass. They have created hybrid nanoparticles made of gold and copper sulphide, which can kill cancer cells using heat, and enable their detection using sound waves, according to a study published in ACS Applied […]

600-million-year-old ocean water from Himalayas provides clues to Earth’s past

04 Aug 2023 under Focus

High up in the Himalayas, scientists at IISc and Niigata University, Japan, have discovered droplets of water trapped in mineral deposits that were likely left behind from an ancient ocean which existed around 600 million years ago. Analysis of the deposits, which had both calcium and magnesium carbonates, also allowed the team to provide a […]