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Logging and Climate Change Threaten Montane Birds

01 Feb 2024 under Focus

Researchers at IISc have studied the effects of forest logging and climate change on bird communities in tropical mountains, by examining over 10 years of data. In a study published in Global Ecology and Conservation, the team used mist netting and bird ringing data to answer how the composition of the mid-elevation Eastern Himalayan understorey bird […]

Battling Bacteria and Joint Disease

12 Jan 2024 under Features

Rachit Agarwal’s lab focuses on engineering treatments for TB and osteoarthritis Rachit Agarwal’s tryst with bioengineering was always destined. Born into a family of doctors, including his father and elder brother, he was exposed to medicine from early on. School nurtured his interest in biotechnology. “I was naturally interested in science simply because I was […]

Frog Skin Peptide Blocks Enzymes of Disease-causing Pathogens

15 Dec 2023 under Highlights

We encounter an array of pathogens (disease-causing agents) in our daily lives adept at evading our immune system. And many of these produce enzymes that block protective proteins in our body. Therefore, it is imperative to devise effective counterstrategies to tackle them. Researchers at IISc have identified a potent molecule, derived from amphibians, with the […]