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TB Diagnosis Using Immune System Biomarker

07 Apr 2021 under Highlights

Tuberculosis (TB), particularly in forms that affect body parts other than the lungs, can be tricky to diagnose. Researchers led by S Vijaya in the Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology have found a new, faster and more efficient way to use a host’s immune response to certain proteins unique to the bacilli to detect […]

AI-based Tool for Automated Diagnosis of COVID-19 Lung Infection

07 Apr 2021 under Focus

AnamNet can segment CT scans and identify the extent of tissue damage A new software tool that reveals the severity of lung infections in COVID-19 patients has been developed by researchers from the Departments of Computational and Data Science (CDS) and Instrumentation and Applied Physics at IISc, in collaboration with colleagues from the Oslo University […]

Lessons from Life

07 Apr 2021 under Features

Researchers at IISc are applying their understanding of natural processes to diverse fields Be it the inventor of the Velcro fastener, who noticed clingy burdock seeds on his pants, or the makers of more recent ant-inspired robots that navigate better than GPS, when it comes to building things, humans have always looked to nature for […]

Armour Protects and Primes TB Bacteria Against Antibiotic

08 Feb 2021 under Highlights

The bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) is notorious for gaining resistance to antibiotics, which makes treatment of the disease difficult. A new study by P AjitKumar and colleagues from the Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology shows that when TB bacteria encounter the common anti-TB drug rifampicin, a small proportion of the bacterial cells develop […]