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Beetroot as Biocontrol in Mixed Cropping Systems

01 Aug 2020 under Highlights

Untreated sewage water and animal-based manure are a common cause of contamination in agricultural fields. Through this route, food-borne pathogens like Salmonella bacteria may cause infections in humans. To address this problem, researchers from IISc and the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, have developed a strategy to use beetroot as a cultivation partner with other […]

Nanomaterials as Broad-spectrum Antibacterial Agents

01 Jul 2020 under Focus

An IISc team has synthesised a nanozyme that can break up the cell membranes of pathogenic bacteria and reduce biofilm formation in urinary catheters In a significant breakthrough in the battle against antibiotic resistance, a research team from IISc has synthesised a nanomaterial that mimics an enzyme and can disintegrate the cell membranes of a […]

Indigenous Ventilators for COVID-19

01 Jun 2020 under Features

As the country faces a looming shortage of ventilators fueled by the COVID-19 crisis, IISc researchers have been racing against time to build home-grown solutions A ventilator can be a life-saver for patients whose lungs are damaged by COVID-19 infection. But India, like all countries grappling with this pandemic, is likely to face a large […]

Machine Learning for Discovering 2D Magnets

01 Jun 2020 under Highlights

2D materials are atomically thin, single-layered films arranged in a crystal structure, with potential applications in next-generation electronics. Ferromagnetism in such materials – the mechanism by which they act as magnets – was considered implausible until recently. As the temperature increases, the magnetic order in these materials gets disturbed. The temperature at which they lose […]

Using Raman Spectroscopy to Detect Disease-Causing Bacteria

01 Jun 2020 under Focus

A new diagnostic approach to detect pathogenic bacteria uses Raman spectroscopy, a technique normally used to probe material structures The key to treating infectious diseases lies in quickly detecting the pathogen or disease-causing agent, as well as checking for its viability – whether it is alive or dead in patient samples. Determining viability also helps […]